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Our Growing Philosophy
In 2017 our farm became certified organic through OEFFA and we added the Real Organic Project certification in 2019, but we have always grown our vegetables and flowers without the use of synthetic herbicides, pesticides, or fertilizers.  This was a bias I bring from my childhood, that was further strengthened once I began having children.  Why would we want to eat any other way?  And maybe even more importantly, why would we want to treat the earth in any other way?  My goal is to leave as small a footprint as possible from my farming, and to provide the healthiest, tastiest product possible for you and your family. 

In more recent years, with the growing movement for soil health and the profusion of research around soil biology, we have transitioned our farm into a no-till operation.  These methodologies, which extend far beyond the absence of tillage, help us to grow a higher quality, more nutritious product.  It also makes our soils (and therefore our whole operation) much more resilient to the impacts and unpredictability of our changing climate, while additionally working to sequester carbon in the earth, making it a system that not only withstands, but fights climate change.


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