Christopher Farm Internship Information, Summer 2021


We have a full time Intern position open for summer 2021. This is a good learning opportunity to work with a well-seasoned grower and gain experience in all aspects of operating a small scale organic vegetable production farm during peak season, including routine crop planting and care, harvesting and marketing, and preparations for our annual farm tour event. This internship is designed to be intensive, extensive, and experiential. Days on the farm are often long and strenuous, but we do our best to maintain a fun work environment and an appreciation for the work that we are doing for our land and our community.


Requirements include some prior vegetable gardening/growing experience,  willingness to work in all kinds of weather, a good work ethic,  curiosity and interest in learning, and willingness to communicate openly.

As intern, you will be provided with room and board, in addition to a monthly stipend.  (We will have plenty of food, but you will need to do some of your own cooking.) 


In addition to your work and education on the production side of the farm, you will have access to a small library of reading materials relating to organic gardening and be immersed in the experience of living a homestead style life. It is for good reason that this lifestyle has become so romanticized in our culture, but the facts of the demand and commitment required often seem to be overlooked. A three month block is a nice amount of time to be able to step into this occupation and the life that accompanies it while also knowing that it will come to a close. 

If you are interested please contact me at, or at 812-459-4475 so that we can set up a time for you to come out for a working interview (if you are geographically close enough to make this happen). This visit is helpful so that both of us can get a sense of how we work together and whether it feels like a good fit.

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