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About Us



For 25 years Wendy Carpenter has been tending to the land handed down to her by her grandfather, devoting herself to a love for growing food and enriching the soil. Over the course of this time Christopher Farm has been transformed from a hobby market garden into a flourishing Organic vegetable operation that supplies the local community with a much loved coalition of nutrition and education.


In 2020, Wendy’s son Adrian Hess moved home to join his mother in stewarding the land and feeding the community, and to begin carrying out his own dreams of revitalizing this piece of the earth in East-Central Indiana.


Christopher Farm attends the Hyde Park Farmer’s Market (Cincinnati, OH) and the Broad Ripple Farmer's Market (Indianapolis, IN), as well as offering CSA shares and order delivery in Richmond and Muncie.

“I can not imagine a job that I would enjoy more.  It is the perfect blend of active work and brain work, problem-solving, calculated risk-taking, being outdoors, and trusting that these seeds will truly grow.  Nothing is more satisfying than taking measures to improve the soil such as planting cover crops and adding compost.  And then knowing that there are wonderful people who are looking forward to eating the things I grow, in ways I feel good about growing it, is the end reward!”


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